Looking for Kingston Dry Cleaners?

Your Guide to Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning or laundering clothes using special solvents. The term “dry” is derived since the cleansing process does not involve the use of water and soap.

Most people are still unfamiliar with the ins and outs of dry cleaning. You may ask, does your shirt needs to be dry-cleaned? How frequent should you bring your wool suit to the cleaner’s? This article will help you determine the answers to these questions and quite possibly determine who to go to if your looking for Kingston dry cleaners to clean your garments.

How often should I dry clean?

The answer depends on the condition of your garments. But first, you must try to brush off any dirt or dust and let the clothes naturally eliminate any smoke or food-caused odors by hanging them in an area with proper ventilation. Stains, on the other hand, could be spot-treated using a cotton wool dipped in clean water. However, if the stains come from red wine and mustard, you should bring the garments to the cleaners for a quick fix.

dry cleaning machineChoosing a Dry Cleaner

To avoid disappointments, you must carefully choose a dry cleaner. These five rules will help save you from an unsatisfactory dry cleaning service:

  1. Determine if they have a policy on damaged or lost garment. Some cleaners pay 200 dollars for a damaged or lost $2000 suit, so it is always good to know the cleaner’s replacement policy. Most of the time, a dry cleaner with a great policy charges more, but it is usually all worth it.
  2. Know the price. The posted price might be cheaper compared to other cleaners, but do they apply extra costs especially for special and more delicate garments? Don’t forget the final pick up price to avoid confusion and surprises.
  3. Level of training: A perfectly dry-cleaned shirt requires experience and necessary training. You do not want your expensive silk shirt to be handled like a Hanes tee, right? You want a cleaner who would suggest dry cleaning a wool jacket even if you ask for it to be washed as a regular item. Sometimes, you will even encounter a personnel who have no idea which fabric needs dry cleaning and which is safe to wash in a regular washing machine. Ask questions to test the knowledge they have about this delicate process.
  4. Protect yourself in case of damage or loss. Before heading to a cleaner’s who just posted a promo, do your research first. It is not good to just jump into the promo bait and then cry over your ruined suit after. Google the name of the shop and find out if there are any reviews. However, do not let a couple of negative reviews scare you off. Calling them and asking a few questions can usually help you decide if it is worth a try. Consider how they handled the call, as well.

Nonetheless, the best way to be satisfied every time you bring your clothes to the cleaners is to make a long term relationship with them. Trust is always the best way to go. Once a relationship of trust is created, your selected merchant is more likely to bend to your every wish or request. Remember, they are just like any other businesses who would want to please you if you are a good customer. It won’t hurt to talk to them and engage into a friendly conversation every time you visit. Remembering their names would be helpful, too, as well as giving them a small tip. You’ll be surprised how a few friendly gestures like these be a big help once you misplaced that receipt or they lose your item.


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